Moving Forward

John 14:16

And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever,

The last week has pretty much been an emotional roller coaster for me between hitting my first month at my new job, my doggo getting sick, one of my best friends experiencing a tragedy in her family, lots of awesome Church related activities and now the overwhelming amount of exhaustion from it all. So last night I sat down and thought, how on earth did Jesus deal with all of the things he saw and was faced with?

The Bible explains to us that God sent His son down as fully man and fully God so that gives us the indication that Jesus Christ experienced everything we experience. So many times in the Bible Jesus was tempted by the devil ( Matthew 4:1-11), He lost one of His best friends (John 11:1-44), He got angry ( John 2:13-25) and so much more.

Jesus was faced every single day with tragedy, joy, desperation, despair, excitement and more. He constantly was on the move and constantly attending events (He was not just the life of the party, but the main event). So how did He do it? How did he maintain His own health, His own mental stability, His own personal and social life, pray for others, be in a good mood and all the other things that we expect of ourselves and others today?

One simple answer. The Holy Spirit. While Jesus was on Earth, man didn’t have the Holy Spirit because they had Jesus Christ himself. When He was leaving this earth he told us that we would be receiving this precious gift (referenced above). While Jesus was on Earth, He had a direct connection to our Father and that is who sustained Him.

So often we move through our life forgetting the importance of the connect with Jesus Christ. We get caught up in our drama, in our religious duties (which I am going to write about soon) and even our emotions and feelings. We forget that God has already given us everything we need and if there happens to be something that we need in the future He will provide that too.

When we stop to take a moment and remember W H O God is, we remember what He has promised us. The word of God is so important to read, know and hide in your heart but it’s equally as important to have a relationship with God-the one who wrote it- and ask Him to show you a deeper meaning and truth behind it.

Whenever I start to feel exhausted or feel emotional, I always try to do a check in with my heart:

  • Why am I feeling like this?
  • When did I read my Bible last?
  • When did I pray last?
  • Am I saying yes to something that I need to say no to?
  • Is there something I’m doing that I know I shouldn’t be doing?

1. Who is this Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit isn’t just there to be a fancy idea or a scary idea. The Holy Spirit dwells within you and is your direct link to God Himself. The Holy Spirit is the one that can keep you going in the best of times and the worst of times. The Holy Spirit is your power, it’s your pre-workout shake, your favorite song to dance to, your favorite vacation getaway and more. Whatever it takes to pump you up and make you feel amazing, the Holy Spirit is all that and MORE. The Holy Spirit is a free gift that God has given you and all you have to do is accept His presence and ask Him to guide you. The Spirit will always lead you in the best possible direction, even when that direction makes no sense to you at the time.

Whenever I do a check in with the Spirit,  I find that all the other little things in life seem to fall right back into place. When I align my heart with God’s will for my life and I keep my mind, heart and spirit focused on Him, suddenly everything else fades into the background and things have this incredible way of working out for my benefit no matter the circumstance. This doesn’t mean life doesn’t get difficult or painful occasionally, it just means that I have the ultimate peace to help me deal with it.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading & God Bless You ❤

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